Founded in 2018, we’re a laser processing service that offers the shortest lead times in the industry.  The founders recognized the need for shorter lead times in the market, and our mission is to be the fastest provider of your prototype needs.

Common applications:

stepped mandrels, electrodes to wires, pull wire assemblies, Nitinol and SST capabilities

The life science market is our focus and some of our medical device and diagnostic applications include;


So many types of cardiovascular devices have be produced with the aid of Proto Lase laser micro manufacturing abilities. They include bioresorbable Scaffolds, Balloons, Delivery systems, Electrophysiology Catheters and 3-D Band Fabrication


We help produce sensors for diabetes monitoring and insulin delivery using laser drilling, ablation and cutting. These sensors are used in the production of Continuous Glucose Monitoring Devices and Insulin Delivery Cannulas. 

Drug Delivery

Our laser micro manufacturing abilities can be applied in the production of innovative drug delivery devices such as

· Nozzles
· Implant for Localized Delivery
· Catheter Delivery Systems
· Cannula and Film Drilling of Micro Holes

Advanced Diagnostics

In order to get low cost polymer and glass-based disposables for molecular diagnostics and testing, small electrical circuits for signal detection & amplification and products for cell collection & screening are needed. We make use of extremely precise laser micro manufacturing to satisfy various sizes and tolerances at the level of the cells. They include

· Biochips
· Biosensors
· Sequencers
· Lab-On-A-Chip


At Proto Lase, we cater to interventional neurology and neuromodulation applications exceptionally well because of our abilities in the processing and handling of micro components. Our competencies include -

· Catheters and Guidewires
· Embolism Coils and Flow Diverters
· Mechanical Thrombectomy: Stent Retriever and Intra-Cranial Stents
· Neurostimulation Electrodes
· Percutaneous and Paddle Leads
· Revascularization Devices and Scaffolds


We are laser micromachining experts, which is a vital factor in precise implant component reduction for the treatment of throat, ear, glaucoma, nose, uveitis and cataracts. Our specialties include but are not limited to drug delivery and implants.

Peripheral Vascular

Lasers are very useful for making products used in the treatment of peripheral arterial disease. These products include

· Balloons
· Catheters
· Stents

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