Laser Ablation

Laser ablation works by using short high-energy laser pulses to remove materials. With this it is possible to make very small and precise cuts on a variety of surfaces and materials. This technology allows us to customize selected materials and processes such as:

  • Balloons of various materials

  • Catheter Inflation Holes

  • Catheter Shaft OD Reduction

  • Wire Insulation Removal

  • Coated Stent Patterning

  • Guide Wires

  • Holes and Patterns

  • Implants

Please inquire for a custom quote  to learn more about our laser solutions and to find new ways to enhance your projects.

Laser Drilling

2020-09-28 15.52.54.jpg

As one of our core capabilities, laser drilling is a manufacturing process that creates micro-holes without making contact. With Proto Lase laser drilling, it is possible to create holes with a diameter of 0.001". Our system allows precision and automation of hole drilling allowing for shorter lead times. 

Applications for laser drilling include:

  • Low cost production and fast prototyping

  • Feature creation with specification that are smaller than what molding or mechanical machining can achieve

  • Fine features that need depth control

  • Materials that are soft or flimsy

  • Materials that need to be machined in a non-contact environment

  • Requirements that do not allow hazing, melting, or raised edges

  • Requirements needing layer removal that's selective & controlled

Laser drilling can also be used for the following:

  • Flat sheet size up to 12"x12" with a thickness of 0.0005"- 0.040"

  • Wires, tubes, and catheters (as small as 0.002" diameter)

Laser Drilling Materials:

  • Bioresorbable Polymers

  • Ceramics

  • Glasses

  • Plastics