Laser Processing Services & Technology

Whether it's Cardiovascular, Drug Delivery, Neurovascular or orthopedic we offer the fastest laser processing technology for all of your medical manufacturing needs.

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Laser Ablation

Proto Lase offers laser ablation services to remove materials from various surfaces which provides increased flexibility for multiple fabrication techniques for a wide range of medical applications.

Laser Marking

We have the ability to offer precise laser marking services for both flat and curved surfaces on a wide variety of metals, alloys as well as most plastics.

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Laser Welding

With our highly adaptable welding manufacturing, Proto Lase has the capability to provide custom laser welding to fit most simple or complex delivery system components in the life science market.

Tube Cutting

Our fully automated tube cutting process offers the ability to customize your tube cutting for unique geometries with no extended lead times.

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Wire Stripping

By using laser light to remove insulation or coating layers from electrical fine wires, catheters and other medical devices, Proto Lase offers high quality wire stripping for a wide variety of medical applications.

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