Laser Welding

Laser welding is commonly used in stepped mandrels, electrodes to wires, pull wire assemblies, Nitinol and SST capabilities. 

The life science market focuses on diagnostic applications using laser welding in cardiovascular devices, diabetes, drug delivery systems, advanced diagnostics such as biochips and biosensors, Neurovascular such as catheters, Guidewires, and Mechanical Thrombectomy, Ophthalmology, and Peripheral Vascular. 

Stepped Mandrel Welding


Proto Lase strives to improve your process with our high-quality welding capabilities. We can customize your mandrels to suit your need using our adaptable manufacturing process and innovative tool design capabilities. 

Mandrels we manufacture:

  • C-Shape / D Taper

  • Grooved / Steerable

  • Hollow Tubes

  • Long & Short Tapers

  • Square / Multi-lumen

  • Welding / Tip Forming

Our Capabilities:

  • "C" & "D" Mandrels

  • Welding

  • End Rounding

  • Precision Coating Removal

  • Sizing / Process

  • Step & Taper Mandrel

Quality and Certification:

  • Complete certification & lot traceability 

  • Automated manufacturing to maintain quality and lower costs

  • ISO 13485 compliant quality system

  • Materials used to make our products meet ASTM-F2063 (Nitinol), ASTM-F11537 (Cobalt-Chrome), ASTM-F138 (316LVM), and ASTM-A313 (304SS)